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Kim Piotrowski: While Here

For sixteen years Kim Piotrowski has balanced parenting and art-making here in Riverside. In that time, she’s made hundreds of paintings and drawings, exhibited across the country and in Europe, while developing a vivid body of work notable for its fluid restlessness. Although defined as an abstract painter, she still depicts. Guns, crowns, beds, water and war are among her subject matter, but all congeal and melt into Piotrowsk’s marks — torqued, attenuated, with a graphic snap and deftness. Her touch is liquid and gentle. The overall effect, even in tiny pieces, combines intimacy with the monumental baroque. Mass spirals and space unfolds into painted worlds that are both tangible and enigmatic. RAC’s site-specific exhibition represents Piotrowski’s artistic growth and her personal balancing act. Every year of her life in Riverside is marked through an installation that fills the entire Freeark Gallery as well as our Flex Space. Old and new work hangs together, connected by marks—a visual thread formed by painting, drawing, writing and personal ephemera applied directly to the gallery walls.

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Gathering: Indira Freitas Johnson and Garland Martin Taylor

Indira Freitas Johnson and Garland Martin Taylor address societal issues through their mixed media sculptures and community involved projects. Gun violence, racism, immigration, and individual rights are among the topics conveyed in their assemblages, as they seek to heal and invoke dialogue. Influenced by her artist father, a follower of Mahatma Gandhi, and her social activist mother, Johnson creates forms reflecting non-violence from found objects and castings. Taylor channels his research of Henry Jackson Lewis, the first African American political cartoonist, as he welds bronze and stainless steel pieces with found materials such as skateboard parts, kinky hair, wood, stone, and pheasant feathers into 3-dimensional statements. Johnson’s sculptures of hands and feet convey a calm spirituality in our main gallery space along with an interactive grid prompting the viewer to consider how we label ourselves.

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Portage: Duncan Robert Anderson, George Blaha, and Dan Gamble

PortageFrontCoverVersion9BorderV2Three artists–Duncan Robert AndersonGeorge Blaha, and Dan Gamble–have made a portage, so to speak, to Riverside, which itself occupies an area near the historical Chicago Portage. They come from parallel streams, bearing work rendered from disparate media and materials — sculpture, digital images, painting, and drawing. Yet there is a natural affinity and kinship in their works, arising from shared interests in history, cosmology, mythology, physics, science fiction, and philosophy. It is through their individual searches for meaning, and their works, that the artists seek to connect with fellow travelers and cultivate a sense of wonder in the world, marking points along their exploration of this and other realms, real and imagined. Catalogue includes essays by essays by Troy Klyber, Douglas Reichert Powell, and David Richards.

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Judith Brotman and Fraser Taylor: Missed (and Other) Connections


Published on the occasion of the exhibition “Judith Brotman & Fraser Taylor: Missed (and Other) Connections” at the Riverside Arts Center, this full-color catalogue features essays on the works of Judith Brotman and Fraser Taylor by exhibition curator Karen Azarnia, Scott J Hunter, and Annie Morse. Read an excerpt from the catalogue: “The Space Between,” essay by Karen Azarnia.

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Riva Lehrer: Exquisite Radical


The Riverside Art Center’s “Riva Lehrer: Exquisite Radical” catalogue is available bundled with a copy of the 2004 catalogue “Riva Lehrer: Circle Stories,” or can be purchased individually. A limited number of “Exquisite Radical” catalogues signed by Riva Lehrer and Anne Harris are also available while supplies last – first come, first served.Read an essay by Anne Harris and to preview “Riva Lehrer: Exquisite Radical”: rivascataloguepreview.

$12/”Exquisite Radical;” $20/bundle including “Exquisite Radical” + “Circle Stories” catalogue, price includes shipping

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Turn of Phrase: Dianna Frid, Allison Wade

Guest curated by Julie Rodriguez Widholme, Turn of Phrase frid-wade-catalogue-coverbrings together all new work of Chicago-based artists Dianna Frid and Allison Wade. Both artists have backgrounds in fiber and material studies, and consider language from various perspectives ranging from book-making and texts appropriated from obituaries to quotations of poetry and syntax, with physical materials and sculptural form, paying special attention to surface, rhythm, and texture. Recalling the purposefully minimal, and at times abstract, composition and experience of poetry, together their work evokes questions about the language of sculpture, and the sculpture of language.

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Judith Raphael and Tony Phillips: Twosome

image-coming-soonJudith Raphael and Tony Phillips have been married for thirty-five years. Their home and shared studio are fashioned from an old warehouse in Pilsen they had the prescience to buy in 1985. Both artists depict parts of stories—specific moments and grand events—through exquisitely crafted figurative paintings and drawings.  Together, their work bookends us between old and young, and fear and fearlessness. Preview the catalogue here: Essay on The Conversation: Twosome.

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