Portage: Duncan Robert Anderson, George Blaha, and Dan Gamble

September 10 – October 21, 2017
Opening Reception Sunday September 10, 3-6pm

Panel Discussion with the Artists Held on Saturday, September 30th at 3pm, moderated by Troy Klyber

Exhibition Curated by Troy Klyber

Signed exhibition catalogues available with essays by Troy Klyber, Douglas Reichert Powell, and David Richards. Order signed catalogues at bottom of this post (shipping costs included).

Dan Gamble, Cascade, 2011/2016. Oil on canvas, 72" x 64".

Dan Gamble, Cascade, 2011/2016. Oil on canvas, 72″ x 64″.

Portage is the act of carrying from one navigable passage to another, or a route through which this activity occurs. As human beings we navigate our own individual streams. But we are also social beings, compelled to reach out, to find and connect with fellow travelers. Some make creative works to serve as signposts and markers, or maps, of their journey. Carrying these creations, they occasionally leave their streams to converge and compare notes, to share what they have learned along the way.
Three artists–Duncan Robert AndersonGeorge Blaha, and Dan Gamble–have made a portage, so to speak, to Riverside, which itself occupies an area near the historical Chicago Portage. They come from parallel streams, bearing work rendered from disparate media and materials — sculpture, digital images, painting, and drawing. Yet there is a natural affinity and kinship in their works, arising from shared interests in history, cosmology, mythology, physics, science fiction, and philosophy. It is through their individual searches for meaning, and their works, that the artists seek to connect with fellow travelers and cultivate a sense of wonder in the world, marking points along their exploration of this and other realms, real and imagined.
Duncan Robert Anderson, "valentine sevier in supplication to Nwt," 2017. Gouache and colored pencil, 30" x 26".

Duncan Robert Anderson, “valentine sevier in supplication to Nwt,” 2017. Gouache and colored pencil, 30″ x 26″.

George Blaha, "LM"

George Blaha, “LM”, 2014, inkjet print mounted on dibond.

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