Found by Nancy Hejna

July 1 – 31, 2010
The use of “found” material (recycled canvases, wood doors, cutting boards, drawers, window frames and screens, paneling, clippings from a 1956 Good Housekeeping magazine, a bowling trophy) is a common element of this body of work comprised of 2 and 3 dimensional pieces by Riverside artist, Nancy Hejna. For her, found surfaces suggest composition and add dimension to a piece. Sometimes the subject matter requires a search for the right surface, but more often the surface suggests the subject, ranging from traditional landscapes, industrial and agricultural scenery, or more personally based collage and sculpture. Typically, Hejna paints landscapes she has experienced first-hand, or those that have an internal sense of place for her. She continues to be inspired by 19th century painters; pre-impressionistic, painterly artists who border on the atmospheric such as Whistler, Turner, and Innes. She also draws from Midwest iconic scenery (farm/factory) often reflected in the stark, nostalgic black and white photography of David Plowden.