Making and Using Sketchbooks – Amy Babinec

In conjunction with FlexSpace Exhibit  Amy Babinec: Golden Rule
In this workshop, we will create bound sketchbooks that will hold your impressions of the outdoors and the Riverside Arts Center historic building. 

There will be a gallery talk with Amy Babinec at 1pm after the workshop in FlexSpace Gallery.
Saturday, June 16
9:30-12:30 (cost listed below)
1:00 Gallery Talk is open to the public

Workshop registration deadline date: Thursday, June 14
Ages 12 and up

Materials list for students to bring: (per participant) 1 sheet Arches hot or cold press 22 x 30, Bristol full sheet 24 x 36 inches, decorative papers, Yes! glue, large brush for glue, ink pens

Instructor will provide: binding needles, binding thread, beeswax, bone folders
Any questions? Feel free to email at

Art supplies such as colored pencils, pencils, erasers, pastels, watercolor and brushes will be provided by RAC.

$50 members / $55 non-members

Order Sketchbooks - Amy Babinec June 16 Workshop @ $55.00

Introduction to Object-Based Archaeological Drawing – Amy Babinec

In conjunction with FlexSpace Exhibit  Amy Babinec: Golden Rule
This workshop will introduce you to the practice of archaeological drawing, in which we use measurement and precision to capture a find at a dig. You will learn simple techniques to draw an object you have brought. Please bring an item from home that has meaning for you or your family.

Ages 12 and up
Sunday, June 10

Registration deadline date: Thursday, June 7

Materials List for students to bring: graph paper, 2H pencils, erasers, thin black pens, rulers, compasses

Instructor will provide: contour gauge, calipers
Any questions? Feel free to email

$50 members / $55 non-members
Order Archaeological Drawing-Amy Babinec June 10 Workshop @ $55.00

Mini Mad Scientists-Preschool Edition! – Shawn Vincent

IMG_5176Silly slimes, colored clay, marbled papers……..these are just a few examples of some of the crazy things in store for you. This class is all about art, experiments, and your imagination!
Ages 4+

Mondays, 11:00-12:30 pm
Apr. 23 – May 21  [5 weeks]

$113 members / $125 non-members  [5 weeks]



Order Mad Scientists Spring 2018 Apr. 23 - May 21  [5 weeks] @ $125.00

SPRING SPECIAL!! ArtZone-FunZone – Mr. T

ArtZone is a great non-committal introduction into the world of found object assemblage. Summer is over but the fun doesn’t have to end. Keep the fun going in a found object immersion class. Projects can be large or small. All skill levels are welcome.
Ages 10-13

Mondays, 3:30-5:00 pm


First child:
$18 members / $20 non-members  [Regularly $24]
$17 members / $18 non-members


Please remember to indicate which Mondays you will be joining us for ART ZONE.

Order Art Zone Spring 2018

Create Your Own Class!

With this Do-It-Yourself option, you can bring your group to the arts center and exercise your creativity. You choose the time, day and medium you would like to work in and we do the rest. Classes and workshops can range from one day to eight weeks.

Contact the Riverside Arts Center for more information.

Next ToysDay – Mr. T

This is the perfect class if you’re creative and love working with your hands. Projects are character driven and inspired. They can be large or small. It’s definitely a fun art class. It’s fun and challenging in a way that fosters creativity and imagination.
[5 weeks]
Ages 10-13

Tuesdays, 3:30-5:30 pm

Session 1: April 3 – May 1
Session 2: May 8 – June 5

$144 members / $160 non-members  [5 weeks]

Order Next ToysDay Winter 2018

Advanced Art Studio / Portfolio Review – Theresa Paris

Advanced art studio is designed for participants who have already completed intermediate studio and have gained a stronger understanding of the principles of art and have also grasped the technical skills needed to create in a variety of mediums. Moving forward, students are encouraged to focus on their artistic strengths to further enhance their body of work. They will learn what is required to build a cohesive portfolio that visually reflects their individual ideas, vibrant perspective, and personal interests. Close instruction and critique will be provided to help each participant learn and have fun in a positive and creative studio setting.
Claudia Z.

Ages 10+

Mondays, 5:30-7:30 pm

Session 1: April 2 – April 30  [5 weeks]
Session 2: May 7 – June 4  [4 weeks]

$123 members / $136 non-members  [4 weeks]
$153 members / $170 non-members  [5 weeks]


Order Advanced Art Studio Spring 2018

Beginner / Intermediate Studio – Theresa Paris

IMG_7209Intermediate studio is designed to prepare students for more advanced art classes down the road. Preparation will involve building a technical understanding of various mediums and methods of application. We will also focus on developing a composition, making sure to enhance conceptual skills along with technical skills. Throughout this process, we will cover basic and more advanced principles of art and design.  Each class will end with a 10 min critique, where participants can receive feedback from their peers and be able to share new ideas. Students will be encouraged to use terminology related to the principles of art as a means to expand their vocabulary. Participants are welcome to bring images or objects to work from that they personally find interesting and meaningful. [5 weeks]
Ages 10+

Wednesdays, 5:30-7:30 pm
Session 1: April 4 – May 2
Session 2: May 9 – June 6

$153 members / $170 non-members


Order Intermediate Studio Winter 2018

MAKE – Mr. T

Make: is for the young creative type who wants to go beyond simple crafts and macaroni art. It’s largely a found object immersive environment with elements of steam punk and wire based sculpture. Not your typical art class.  [5 weeks]
Ages 11-14

Wednesdays, 4:00-6:00 pm
Session 1: April 4 – May 2
Session 2: May 9 – June 6

$144 members / $160 non-members

Order MAKE Winter 2018

Young Artist Clay Studio – Tami Gagne

Students will venture into creative exploration as they learn how to throw on the potter’s wheel and create hand built works of art with clay. Students will have a blast experimenting with various painting, texture, and sculptural techniques on the items they create. Dress for the mess!
Ages 9-14

Wednesdays, 4:30-6:00 pm
Session 1: Apr. 4 – Apr. 25
Session 2: May 2 – May 23

$98 members / $108 non-members  [4 weeks]

Order Young Artist Clay Spring 2018

Painting and Drawing Open Studio – Theresa Paris

This open studio is great for the beginner who is looking for just the right amount of guidance, as well as a fun, supportive environment for the more advanced artist.

This is the perfect environment to get started experimenting with several mediums, or take direction in the medium of your choice. Try out one class or sign up for the whole session! Drawing and Pastel materials are provided; artists must supply their own paints, brushes, thinner, etc.

IMG_4046Teens and Adults

Thursdays, 6:30-9:00 pm
Mar. 15        May 3
Mar. 22        May 10
Apr. 5           May 17
Apr. 12         May 24
Apr. 19         May 31
Apr. 26
         June 7

Pay by the week:
$23 members  / $25 non-members

Order 2D Open Studio Winter 2018

The Weak-End Warriors – Mr. T

IMG_0903 We are Artists. We are Creators. We are Innovators. We rage all Week and then channel that energy into some pretty amazing Creations. We Draw. We Paint. We Sculpt. We do it all.

Utilizing aspects of wood work, metal work, STEAM PUNK and found object assemblage you can hone your skill or take it to another level. You might surprise yourself. GREAT for school projects.  [5 weeks]
Ages 14-18  

Saturdays, 4:00-6:00 pm
Session 1: Apr. 7 – May 5
Session 2: May 12 – June 9
$144 members / $160 non-members  [5 weeks]

Pay by the week:  
$29 members / $32 non-members
Order Weekend Warriors Spring 2018

Critters and Clay – Tami Gagne

Young ones can enjoy the tactile fun of creating works of art in clay. Students will explore various themes from animals, creatures, pop culture, and more! Students will have a blast experimenting with various painting and textural techniques on the items they create. Dress for the mess!  [4 weeks]
Ages 5-8

Thursdays, 4:00-5:00 pm
Session 1: Apr. 5 – Apr. 26
Session 2: May 3 – May 24

$62 members / $68 non-members

Order Critters and clay Spring 2018